What to Expect

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a free consultation to discuss your case. Fukuda Law Office provides services for personal injury, criminal, probate, estate planning, family law, etc. We visit with you to determine the type of case and the best way to proceed to serve you the best way possible.

The first thing you should do is call our office. We will schedule an appointment with you to discuss the details of your accident and the injuries. We have a specific process we follow to serve you best.

The value of each case varies based on the circumstance of your case. We visit with you to gather the facts about your case and the best possible outcome. We always seek to provide you with the best legal service for your situation.

There is no cost to you unless there is a recovery. If there is a recovery then the law firm gets a percentage of the recovery, typically 40 %. The more we make you, the more we make.

No, health insurance is necessary. We associate with a network of providers who will provide immediate treatment and wait until the recovery to be compensated. No one will hassle.

Call our office for a free consultation. We will discuss the specifics of your accident and the extent of the injury to your child or family member. Each case has unique aspects. We follow our process to make sure we know the circumstances of your accident so we can plan the best steps to help your child and family members receive the care they need.

Time is your enemy.  It is important to begin medical treatment and legal representation as soon as you can after an accident to get the best results.  If emergency treatment is necessary, go to the hospital first.  Contact our Law Firm and we will guide you through the process.