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Paul Fukuda

Hi, I'm Paul Fukuda

Paul Fukuda has helped the people of Orange County with their legal needs and defended their rights in court for over 25 years. Paul is a Bridge City High School graduate and a Lamar University Alumni. He graduated from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 1994 and then spent five years as a felony prosecutor at the Orange County District Attorney’s office. Paul founded the Fukuda Law Firm in 2002 with the goal of creating a firm that focuses on helping others. He is a lifelong resident of Orange County and his roots run deep within the community.

Paul and his family are active members of their community. When he is not fighting for his clients in the courtroom, Paul uses his position as a board member on the Child Welfare Board to advocate for local children in the foster care system.

Paul takes a personal approach with his clients and maintains a respected and professional courtroom demeanor. Due to his experience, he is most comfortable in trial and keeps an active trial schedule. Paul is known for showing no fear while presenting cases in front of a jury, resulting in a record of consistent positive trial results. Paul is passionate about justice, serving his community, and the integrity of our legal system.

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